Bad News For Trump As Virginia Sees Historic Early Voting Turnout


Virginia is seeing unprecedented lines for early voting in what is an ominous sign for Trump voters say they are willing to wait all day to vote.

CNN reported:

And I will say that we’ve heard this over and over again, particularly if people have to stand here all day they will. Several people already waiting more than two hours to cast their ballot, and it is so important to keep in mind that this is a rolling process. They do not have to cast their ballot today. They are choosing to do so. They want to get out there. They want to have their say, and a lot of them want to actually see their ballot being cast.


They don’t believe that the mail system is working right now. They believe it’s broken, and they are too scared to submit their ballot that way. Just to give you an idea of how unprecedented that is here. I spoke to someone who has been working at elections here in Virginia for 20 years, and she says she’s never seen any sort of a turnout like this. They expected a small crowd. Usually, when absentee in-person begins it’s 20 people. Nothing like this, hundreds and hundreds of people lined up here.


Trump is doing everything he can, including breaking the Postal Service, to try to stop people from voting, but if Virginia is any sign, the American determination to cast their ballots is not going to be deterred by some tweets and a potential felon Postmaster General.

Polling shows that Americans are consistently clear about wanting a change in the White House, and they are willing to wait all day to make sure that their vote counts, most likely against Donald Trump.

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