John Dean supports Democrats expanding Supreme Court

John Dean Explains Why Democrats Should Expand The Supreme Court

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:12 pm

John Dean said that Democrats expanding the Supreme Court was an attractive idea to him, and he explained why.

Dean said on CNN:

I find it a very attractive idea and I find that if you package it as court-packing, obviously it’s got immediate visceral reactions. Oh, no, we don’t do that. But what we’re seeing, what Mitch Mcconnell has been doing throughout the Trump presidency is packing the courts from the bottom to the top. And now the courts are really out of balance. I think that Biden and his team could make a very strong argument and put a lot of leverage on Mitch and say, listen, you’re not playing by any rules. We want to set some rules. We want the court to grow. We want it to be able to do the business it should do.

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We know the lower courts have been needing more judges for decades, and so there’s a backlog there of maybe a hundred or 200 judges are needed. We also think the Supreme Court should be expanded. Maybe it’s two, maybe it’s three seats. We’ll see. But they should have hearings on this and if they have the power, I think they should do it.


Trump and McConnell obliterated rules, norms, and decorum, and there has to be a price to pay for their behavior.

The bill will come due when Democrats take back the Senate and the White House.

There is also a solid argument to be made that expanding the Supreme Court and lower courts must be done to clean up the damage caused by Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump.

The two Republicans have done almost insurmoutable institutional damage to the presidency, Executive Branch, and the Senate, but they have also damaged the judicial branch by packing the courts with unqualified partisan judges.

Democrats should expand the Supreme Court if for no other reason that the bring the Court back into balance and negate the choices made by a corrupt president who has never represented the will of the majority in the United States of America.

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