Biden Just Turned The SCOTUS Vacancy Into Trump’s Worst Nightmare

During a speech in Philadelphia, Joe Biden made Trump’s nightmares come true by tying the Supreme Court vacancy to healthcare.

Biden said:

I’m speaking for millions of Americans out there, who already have voted and continue to vote and will have many more voted by the time this price finished. Millions of Americans are voting because they know their health care hangs in the balance. In the middle of the worst global health crisis in living memory, president trump is before the supreme court trying to strip health care coverage away, from tens of millions oh of families. Strip away the peace of mind of more than 100 million Americans with preexisting conditions.

If he succeeds, insurers can once again discriminate or drop coverage completely for people living with preexisting conditions like asthma, diabetes, cancer, and so many other problems. And perhaps most cruelly of all, if President Trump has his way, the complications from COVID-19.


Trump has been worried for nearly a year that Democrats were going to kill him on healthcare in this election. The Supreme Court vacancy that Trump is hoping will save his presidential campaign has given Democrats an opening to drive home their message on health insurance.

Biden is framing the open seat on the Supreme Court not in ideological terms, but as a real-world decision on whether or not hundreds of millions of people will be able to keep their health insurance.

The Supreme Court nomination fight is now attached to a kitchen table issue, which is why Trump and McConnell’s insistence on pushing this nomination forward could be a final nail in the GOP’s political coffin.

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