Networks Must Give Biden Equal Time If Trump Holds Primetime Unveiling Of SCOTUS Pick

Trump is eyeing holding a primetime event to unveil his Supreme Court nominee. If he does this, Biden deserves equal time.

NBC News Peter Alexander reported:

As usual, Trump is treating the presidency like a reality TV show, and the Supreme Court nominating process like a campaign event.

Trump’s free media has virtually dried up outside of conservative media compared to what it was in 2016. Outside of Fox News, the networks are no longer tripping over themselves to give Trump wall to wall coverage of his every move, so the President has been using the presidency as a cover for campaign events. He employs this tactic regularly with press conferences that are little more than campaign rallies, and he is going to do it with his Supreme Court nominee.

If Trump tries to hold a primetime event, and the networks cover it, Joe Biden needs to be offered equal time immediately after Trump’s announcement. Providing equal time to Biden in a format like the State Of The Union rebuttal would not allow Trump to leverage the presidency into a primetime campaign platform.

The networks must learn from the 2016 mistakes and provide fair coverage during the final phase of the 2020 election.

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