Biden Powerfully Tells Every American Without Social Status They’ll Be With Him In The Oval Office

As Trump only sees America as rich people and the stock market Joe Biden told every hard-working American that they’ll be in the Oval Office with him.

Transcript provided to PoliticusUSA by the Biden campaign:

I have to admit I got my back up recently when I saw something about how if I’m elected president – I’ll be the first president who didn’t go to an Ivy League school in a long time.

Like somehow that meant I didn’t belong.

How could a guy like me who went to a state school – be president? And my reaction was the same it’s been my whole life.

You close that door on me because you don’t think I’m good enough? Well, guess what? I’m busting that door down.

My guess is a lot of you have felt the same way.

I say it’s about time a state school president sat in the Oval Office. Because you know what? If I’m sitting there, you will be too.


As Donald Trump appeals to anger, resentment, and division, Joe Biden is relating to the American people on a personal level. Biden understands what the American people need right now. A president who only understands and sees the people at the very top has driven the US economy into the ground and killed over 200,000 of our citizens.

Biden’s speech was powerful because it was real.

Trump is searching for gimmicks as Biden is winning votes with authenticity.

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