Joe Biden Brutally Described Who Trump Really Is In His Best Speech Yet

At a speech in Wisconsin, Joe Biden described who Donald Trump really is, and it was a brutal dismantling of Trump.

Biden said:

I’ve dealt with guys like Trump my whole life. Guys from the neighborhood I come from who looked down on us because we didn’t have a lot of money or your parents didn’t go to college, guys who think they’re better than you, guys who inherited everything they’ve ever gotten in their life and squander it.

Guys who stretch and squeeze and stiff electricians and plumbers and contractors working on their hotels and casinos and golf courses just to put a few more bucks in their pocket, guys who do everything they can to avoid paying the taxes they owe because they figure the rest of us, the little people, we can pick up the tab for the country. Do you have any doubt that the reason we haven’t seen trump’s tax returns is because they don’t want to you know what he paid. We’ve only seen four Trump tax returns in the last 45 years.

And I don’t think there’s been any ever since he’s been running for president. He had to turn some of them over to start a casino in New Jersey. He had to show his taxes and they showed that he paid zero. You talk about the billions of dollars. He paid zero, nothing, that’s a fact. And when he was asked about it, you know what he said?

This is why I really don’t like guys like this in my neighborhood. He said it makes me smart. Or another way, I’m not a sucker, why should I pay when I can figure may way out? Zero. Wall Street’s a long way from Scranton, Pennsylvania. I grew up understanding, as you did, Wall Street didn’t build this country, hardworking given half a chance built this country and unions built the middle class, union, union laborers like the folks in this room.


This was one of Biden’s strongest speeches to date. He is not taking it for granted that everyone knows he is. Joe Biden is leveling with America and sending the message that he sees, understands, and will act on the problems that everyday people are facing.

Trump is a pretender, and the reason why he is losing the election is that Joe Biden is the real deal.

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