Trump Gets Bored Of His Jobs Speech In Ohio, Starts Calling Joe Biden Dumb Instead


Donald Trump appeared to get bored of his own jobs speech during a campaign event in Ohio on Monday, so he returned to his usual routine of lobbing grade-school insults at his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

As CNN’s Daniel Dale noted, “Trump, who keeps getting bored with his jobs text, calls Biden dumb.”


The president also suggested that Biden doesn’t know what a tariff is, even though – as Dale noted – it is Trump who has shown a complete lack of knowledge on tariffs as he plunged the United States into a trade war.

Trump’s unhinged ramble also incorporated his usual greatest hits, including praising Russian president Vladimir Putin, attacking Hillary Clinton, and falsely claiming that the Obama-Biden administration spied on his 2016 presidential campaign.

Excerpts via Vox’s Aaron Rupar:

Meanwhile, Biden is crushing Trump on the economy

As Donald Trump struggles to stick to his script to win over midwestern voters, Joe Biden is crushing it with his economic message.

Earlier in the day, Biden gave what was perhaps his best speech of the campaign during a stop in Wisconsin. The former VP masterfully painted Trump as an economic con man who has betrayed the very voters that fueled his 2016 electoral victory.

“I’ve dealt with guys like Trump my whole life,” Biden said. “Guys from the neighborhood I come from who looked down on us because we didn’t have a lot of money or your parents didn’t go to college, guys who think they’re better than you, guys who inherited everything they’ve ever gotten in their life and squander it.”

Trump was able to con just enough angry white voters in 2016 to carry three midwestern slates by the slimmest of margins. But four years later, the curtain has been completely pulled back.

Donald Trump isn’t even pretending to have an economic agenda in 2020.

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