Trump Supporters Boo Ohio’s Lt. Governor For Urging Rally Crowd To Wear Masks

Supporters of Donald Trump heckled and booed Ohio’s Lt. Governor Jon Husted on Monday for having the nerve to urge the crowd to wear protective face masks.

According to the, one of Trump’s supporters even told Husted, a Republican, to “get off the stage” when he tried to model a “Trump 2020” face covering – the only plausible way to convince the president’s supporters to do the right thing.

But even that wasn’t enough as Husted couldn’t get through his entire mask pitch without being interrupted by a loud chorus of boos from the MAGA mob.


Trump has completely sabotaged efforts to protect the public

As MSNBC’s Chris Hayes noted on Monday, this is just one example of how Trump has completely sabotaged efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus and save American lives.

Because of months of anti-mask rhetoric and behavior from the president, his own supporters think face coverings are for suckers and often refuse to wear them, even when they’re packed together at one of Trump’s superspreader rallies


This hasn’t just put the lives of his supporters at risk either. It’s endangered every American who has interacted with these supporters in public after they attend one of these rallies.

It has contributed to the massive U.S. death toll and will only ensure more Americans needlessly die from this virus.

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