Trump Uses Twitter to Advertise for Lou Dobbs, Says He’s “Smarter and Sharper” Than Bob Woodward


President Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to advertise the latest book from Fox Business personality Lou Dobbs. Dobbs’s book, The Trump Century, purports that Trump “remade the American economy according his own rules, setting the nation back on a path to prosperity.” It comes out tomorrow.

“‘The Trump Century, How Our President Changed the Course of History Forever’. On sale tomorrow. A great book by an even greater author. Make Lou NUMBER ONE!” Trump wrote.

He also used his tweet as an opportunity to attack journalist Bob Woodward, whose book, Rage, chronicles the president’s response to the coronavirus pandemic: “Much better than the boring, no new info., Woodward book. Besides, Lou is much smarter and sharper than Bob, by a lot!”


Trump has spent considerable time attacking Woodward’s credibility in recent weeks in what his critics say is an attempt to deflect recordings of interviews with Woodward in which he admitted to downplaying the severity of the pandemic.

Recordings revealed that Trump knew that the coronavirus was “more deadly than even your strenuous flu” and that he “wanted to always play it down” to avoid creating a nationwide panic.

“He tells me this, and I’m thinking, ‘Wow, that’s interesting, but is it true?’ Trump says things that don’t check out, right?” Woodward told The Associated Press. 

“If I had done the story at that time about what he knew in February, that’s not telling us anything we didn’t know,” Woodward continued, saying that the issue had become one of. politics rather than public health and that he decided it would be prudent to break the story ahead of November’s general election. “That was the demarcation line for me,” he said. “Had I decided that my book was coming out on Christmas, the end of this year, that would have been unthinkable.”

The novel coronavirus has killed more than 200,000 Americans to date.