Biden’s Momentum Grows As He Is Tied With Trump In Iowa

A new poll of Iowa shows a close race in the state with a surging Joe Biden moving into a 47%-47% tie with Donald Trump.

The Des Moines Register reported on their new poll:
Forty-seven percent of likely voters say they would support Trump for president, and 47% say they would support Biden. Another 4% would vote for someone else and 3% are unsure.


Trump leads by 21 percentage points with men, 57% to 36% over Biden. And Biden leads by 20 percentage points with women, 57% to 37% over Trump.


Biden leads with married women, 52% to 45%; unmarried women, 64% to 25%; mothers with children under 18 in the household, 55% to 39%; white women without a college degree, 56% to 37%; and white women with a college degree, 54% to 43%.

One statistic explains why the race is tied in Iowa. Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump with women in Iowa by seven points. Joe Biden leads Trump by twenty points with women.

It is not an exaggeration to suggest that by pushing through Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could cost his party the state of Iowa.

The Democratic motivation that has come from Republicans trying to push through Trump’s Supreme Court nominee could be felt most deeply in red states that Trump is fighting to hang on to. Trump won Iowa by nine points in 2016, but that lead is long gone.

The writing is on the wall, as Biden is in a position to make Iowa blue again.

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