Trump Blows Off A Reporter Who Asks Him To Acknowledge 200,000 American COVID Deaths


When a reporter asked Donald Trump on Tuesday why he hasn’t acknowledged the 200,000 American lives that have been lost from COVID-19, the president ignored the question.

“Why haven’t you said anything about the U.S. hitting 200,000 deaths from COVID?” the reported asked.

Instead of even pretending to care about the tens of thousands of lives lost to the virus, Trump looked away and sought another question – one that presumably wouldn’t involve showing any type of compassion.

“Go ahead,” Trump said, turning away from the reporter. “Anybody else?”



Trump is incapable of showing a shred of compassion

Time and again, Donald Trump has demonstrated that he is incapable of showing a shred of compassion toward others. His sole focus, whether during his presidency or throughout his life, is to enrich himself at any cost.

In this case, he sees the growing coronavirus death toll as a threat to his reelection campaign, so he refuses to even acknowledge it, much less attempt to console a grieving nation.

At the very same time, he continues to downplay the virus in public, which only puts more lives in danger. Just this week, he told a crowd of supporters that the virus “affects virtually nobody.”

Among other things, what this pandemic has shown is that it matters to have a president with empathy and decency. It matters to have a leader in the White House who can feel the pain that so many Americans are feeling.

Donald Trump is manifestly incapable of being that type of leader.

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