WATCH: Australian TV Anchor Rips Sarah Huckabee Sanders Apart

In early September, the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg wrote a piece that claimed Donald Trump had called American war veterans “losers and suckers.” While few were willing to defend the president, his former Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders rushed to his defense.

In addition to defending Trump, Sanders has also written a book about her experience in his White House. She has promoted the book mostly on Conservative media and has been asked softball questions. But when she conducted a TV interview with an Australian TV station, she received more than she bargained for.

Sanders began the interview with anchor Leigh Sales by continuously blasting the media saying Trump is subject to constant attacks.

Sales then confronted Sanders asking:

“So to believe you, somebody watching this interview has to believe that every former senior member of the Trump administration who’s left and spoken of his unfitness to lead has an ax to grind, that every former senior Republican who’s spoken out from Colin Powell to the late John McCain has an ax to grind, and then all of these lifelong Republicans are in cahoots with the Democrats and they’re all also tied up in a conspiracy with the mainstream media, and it’s the mainstream media that’s peddling lie after lie, not Donald Trump. That’s what you’re asking people to believe.”

Uncomfortable with the challenge from Sales, Sanders continued to blast the media, but Sales stayed on the attack. She later asked Sanders, “Did you make up that countless members of the FBI told you that they had no confidence in James Comey?”

Watch a video of the exchange below: