Fox’s Napolitano Says All 3 Officers in Breonna Taylor Case Should Have Been Indicted

Yesterday, the Attorney General of Kentucky only filed charges of wanton endangerment against just one of the officers involved in the Breonna Taylor shooting. Last night, protesters took to the streets in a number of cities over the miscarriage of justice.

A number of legal analysts have disagreed with the way Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron handled the case. This includes Fox News Andrew Napolitano who said that he would have indicted all 3 officers.

The Fox News analyst explained:

“The law that permits the police to return fire and to defend themselves does not permit them to shoot blindly, aimlessly where they can’t see the target and they don’t even know [who] or what they’re shooting at. I would have indicted all three of them and let them assert their affirmative defenses at the time of trial.”

The former judge continued, “they’re are legitimate beefs about this in the streets. And as your former guest, Mr. Morgenstern so nicely put it, they have every right…those who want to protest, to protest.”

Napolitano also believes that the public might not be getting the whole story. He told host Dana Perino, “The public seems to think this was a no-knock warrant, the grand jury heard there were knocks and shouts of ‘police, police.’ The public needs to know what the grand jury heard.”

Watch a clip of the interview below, courtesy of the Fox News network: