Poll Shows Trump’s SCOTUS Push Could Send Joni Ernst Back To The Farm

A new poll shows Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) tied with her Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield at 47%, but 50% are opposed to Trump’s SCOTUS push.

According to the new Monmouth University Poll of Iowa:

In the election for U.S. Senate, Republican incumbent Joni Ernst (47%) and Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield (47%) are locked in a tight battle. Ernst had a slight 48% to 45% edge among registered voters last month. Libertarian Rick Stewart earns 1% and another 4% are undecided. The race remains close, but with a nominal lead for the Democrat, when looking at likely voters under either a high turnout (49% Greenfield and 46% Ernst) or low turnout (48% Greenfield and 47% Ernst) scenario. Last month, Ernst had 48% and Greenfield had 47% in both voter models.

Iowa voters are divided on the prospect of a quick confirmation for a new Supreme Court justice. Specifically, just under half (47%) approve of Trump trying to fill the vacancy before the election while 50% would disapprove of this. The results are similar when voters are asked about the president trying to fill the seat before the end of his term if Biden wins the election – 48% approve and 49% disapprove.

Ernst isn’t getting a bounce from the Supreme Court vacancy and Trump’s push to fill the Supreme Court vacancy before the election is more unpopular than popular with voters. Voters also give a small one point preference to Joe Biden as the choice to fill the vacancy.

The poll also shows Trump with a narrow within the margin of error three-point lead over Biden. The problem for Ernst is that the Trump tide as tiny as it may be isn’t raising her boat, and given this polling, there is a chance that the incumbent senator loses a few points by enabling Trump to steal another Supreme Court seat.

Trump is struggling in Iowa and his pressure to rush through a Supreme Court nominee might send Joni Ernst back to the farm.

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