76er’s Star Ben Simmons Wants to Help Pennsylvania Residents Properly Vote by Mail

Pennsylvania will be one of, if not the most important state when it comes to 2020’s election. If Joe Biden is able to win the state, it will be very difficult for Donald Trump to find a pathway to victory.

There is one issue with voting by mail in the state, though. Due to the convoluted way to mail the ballot back, some election experts say that up to 100,000 ballots could go uncounted.

This is especially important for Democrats who are expected to vote by mail in much larger numbers than Republicans. In a state where the margin of victory was only around 45,000, every vote counts.

76er’s star Ben Simmons is doing his part in making sure that all ballots are received. On Friday, the guard shared a tweet that explained how to properly send their envelopes in.

Simmons wrote, “Important info on how to correctly fill out and submit your mail in ballots for PA / Philly residents. Your vote counts!”

The 76ers isn’t the only NBA getting involved in this years election. Much to Donald Trump’s dismay, the league’s players are becoming more politically active and using their massive platform to encourage fans to vote.

The league’s best player, LeBron James, has used his platform to shine a light on voter suppression. He tweeted in August, “First of all, Everyone needs to know the kind of BS happening about this election and get organized. This is exactly why we coming together for @morethanavote misinformation=suppression!”