Elizabeth Warren: Trump Is “Flirting With Treason” by Refusing to Commit to Peaceful Transition

Elizabeth Warren came close to accusing Donald Trump of treason Thursday following the President’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses in November.

The Democratic senator told MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes that Republicans are enabling Trump to behave in this way and took aim at Senator Lindsey Graham.

When Donald Trump says that he is not necessarily going to accept the will of the voters, he’s flirting with treason,” Warren said.

He’s saying, peaceful transition of power doesn’t matter to him. All that matters to him, once again, is Donald Trump and whatever Donald Trump wants.”

These Republicans senators, to enable him in that, to support him in that, and to start to talk about the November 3rd election as if this isn’t about voters getting their choice, but it’s about Supreme Court justices getting their choice.”

Warren said this “means that they are a party to it.”

She singled out Graham, the South Carolina Republican whose facing an increasingly difficult reelection bid. Warren mocked him for his loyalty to Trump.

Lindsey Graham has simply said, ‘Donald Trump has my proxy on this. Senate doesn’t need to look at it. If the President’s good, Lindsey Graham is good.’ Man, there’s a man with a spine,” she said.

“[A] spine kept in a box somewhere else, because he certainly doesn’t have it to exercise for himself.”

Come November 3rd, we need to hold ‘em all accountable,” Warren went on.

“And when I say hold ‘em all accountable, I mean Donald Trump, I mean those Republican senators, I mean those Republicans up and down the ballot, and we need to not just beat ‘em by a little bit. The idea that they can go litigate when it’s close — I mean beat ‘em big.”

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