Trump Plans To Spend The First Debate Personally Attacking Biden

Trump wants to get into a mud-slinging contest, and he plans on using the first presidential debate to attack Joe Biden and his family.

The Washington Post reported:

President Trump is gearing up to launch blistering personal attacks on Joe Biden and his family in the first presidential debate on Tuesday, while Biden is bracing for an onslaught and worried allies are warning the Democratic nominee not to lose his temper and lash out, according to people with knowledge of the strategies in both camps.

Trump has told associates he wants to talk specifically about his opponent’s son Hunter Biden and mused that the debates are when “people will finally realize Biden is just not there,” according to one adviser. The president is so eager to lay into his rival that he has called aides to test out various attacks, focusing on attacks that cast Biden as a longtime Washington insider with a limited record of accomplishment, said another adviser, who like many interviewed for this story spoke on the condition of anonymity to candidly describe private talks.

Here Is How Biden Beats Trump At The Debate

The American people are worried about their jobs, their healthcare, and the pandemic. Trump’s tactics are straight out of the 2016 election, but times and circumstances have changed. Biden can beat Trump by letting Trump talk to himself as he talks to the American people.

Every time Trump starts to rattle on about Burisma, Hunter Biden, or Joe Biden’s health. The former vice president needs to call him out and say that Trump would rather be talking about Biden than his failures as president, and then Biden can point to one of those failures and how it impacts the American people.

Joe Biden needs to use the fact that Trump is completely out of touch with the vast majority of Americans against him. Biden can use Trump’s attacks as proof that he is a failed president.

Biden could both deny Trump the target that he craves and make him look small on the stage.

America wants to know who cares about them and will help to solve their problems. Donald Trump is planning on letting voters know that he is not interested in their concerns.

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