Democrats May Only Need Two Extra Days To Block Amy Coney Barrett’s Pre-Election Confirmation

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said that they are trying to Amy Coney Barrett confirmed by November 1.

Yamiche Alcindor tweeted:

The timeline on this nomination is extremely tight. If anything at all goes wrong, or Democrats can successfully stall for a few extra days, Republicans would not have the time to get Coney Barrett confirmed by Election Day.

The implications for not getting her confirmed by election day would mean that Coney Barrett wouldn’t be seated in time to hear arguments on the Obamacare case.

Senate Democrats don’t have as many tools at their disposal as they did before the filibuster was ended for Supreme Court nominations in 2017, but they may not need that many extra days.

It is time for Democrats to pull out all of the stops and that potentially means shutting down the Senate if that is what it takes to save healthcare for hundreds of millions of Americans.

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