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Donald Trump Jr. Melts Down and Blames Hunter Biden For His Dad’s Potential Tax Fraud

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Donald Trump Jr. responded to his dad’s potential tax crimes by ranting on Fox News about Hunter Biden and prostitution rings.

Trump Jr. said on Fox and Friends, “If only they spent as much time looking for oh, I don’t know, Hunter Biden’s tax returns, and the Biden crime family issues, where Hunter is taking money from a known associate of Vladamir Putin. 3.5 million dollars. Money that’s linked to human trafficking and prostitution rings in Eastern Europe. Brian, imagine I did that, imagine I did that.”


Video of Trump Jr. freaking out:

Video of Trump Jr. pushing debunked Russian conspiracy theories:

Donald Trump Jr.’s claims are debunked Russian propaganda. Trump Jr. is trying to blame the revelations about his family’s finances on the media. Donald Trump Jr. is not clean in this situation. He is an executive in the Trump Organization which means that he is also involved in potential felony tax evasion.

The Trumps are not going to be able to blame the fact that they are mired in hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and have been evading taxes for decades.


Donald Trump Jr. was trying to change the subject and blame the Bidens for what his family is accused of doing. The Trumps are trying to run the exact same campaign that they ran in 2016, but this time they don’t have hacked emails from Russia and decades of Clinton conspiracies to use.

Joe Biden is clearly not like Donald Trump and Donald Trump’s Jr.’s meltdown into Hunter Biden conspiracies only highlights the guilt of his father.

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