Kayleigh McEnany Attempts to Defend Trump After NYT Story, Cites His “Many Accomplishments”

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany attempted to defend President Donald Trump after a New York Times story revealed his years of tax avoidance.

McEnany said Trump’s “many accomplishments” will matter more to American voters come November’s general election, characterizing the Times story as a “hit piece.”

“Now we’ve seen this play out before where there was a hit piece about the President’s taxes just before a debate, an inaccurate one at that,” she told the hosts of “Fox and Friends.” “This is the same playbook they tried in 2016, the same playbook the American people rejected and will do so again. So the President’s focused on the issues, he’s focused on the American people right now, bringing back the economy, v-shaped recovery that’s looking more like a super v, working through COVID, breaking through barriers as we aim to get a vaccine by the end of the year, fastest rate in history. So that’s what this president is focused on and his results tell the story and will make it a debate that’s quite easy when you have so many accomplishments to share.”

You can watch McEnany’s interview below.

Trump has not yet commented on the report. Last night, his former campaign manager Brad Pascale was hospitalized following a suicide attempt at his home as the story made the rounds.

The first presidential debate between Trump and his rival Joe Biden is scheduled for tomorrow at 9 p.m.