Michael Cohen Says Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka Trump All Evaded Taxes

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen said that Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka Trump are all involved in their dad’s scheme to evade taxes.

Cohen said on MSNBC:

I don’t think he’s by himself, too. I believe Allen Weisselberg, his CFO, is complicit in it, as well Ivanka, Eric. I believe the entire Trump clan is complicit in all of this tax evasion. I mean, these are legitimately what Judge Pauley stated in my case. These are sophisticated schemes within which to deprive the IRS of income, of taxes, that are desperately needed. Not putting your money in either Capital One or First Republic Bank, as I did, and providing all the documents to the accountant. Right? That’s also stated in my book, “Disloyal,” and the sentencing memo.

I truly believe this is a very sophisticated scheme of hiding money, whether it’s by claiming that he paid $70,000 to cut his hair. Look, Donald Trump cut his own hair. So I’m not really sure where the $70,000 came from. It seems like a lot of money for a haircut. Or paying Ivanka as a consultant.

Consultant for what? For what? For designing — for designing her spas in, you know, various different buildings that were working on? The whole thing is a scheme. There’s always a scheme when it comes to the Trump clan.


Ivanka Trump was already named for receiving consulting fees for projects that she was managing for the Trump Organization, which is a violation of tax law. Donald Trump Jr. went on Fox and Friends and tried to blame Hunter Biden for the tax fraud scheme.

Trump’s tax returns do more than put his reelection chances in danger. They expose his kids to criminal liability because Donald Trump did not act alone. His adult children are all members of the board and executives with the Trump Organization.

Cohen pointed out that Trump’s biggest fear is a massive tax bill from the IRS because he doesn’t have the money to pay.

If Trump goes down, he is taking his adult children down with him.

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