Sherrod Brown Calls Out Trump For Dodging Taxes While Screwing Ohio Workers


Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown suggested on Monday night that Donald Trump’s tax cheating could cost him in the all-important battleground state of Ohio.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, the Democratic senator said it’s not a good look for Trump to avoid “chipping in” his fair share of taxes while screwing over American workers in the middle of an economic crash.

“[Trump] isn’t chipping in,” Sen. Brown said while blasting the president and Mitch McConnell for killing the $600 per week in extra unemployment benefits for struggling workers, including 600,000 unemployed Ohioans.

“He doesn’t pay taxes, and he doesn’t seem to think that we should help those workers,” the Ohio Democrat added.



Sen. Brown said:

He isn’t chipping in, and he and McConnell were happy to essentially kill the $600 a week. In my state, 600,000 Ohioans who can’t find jobs. As you say, the unemployment rate, I think it’s at least 9 percent. I think it’s probably higher, but people give up – all the rules about counting unemployed, the numbers of employed. But the president and McConnell simply took away in August $600 a week that the study showed kept 12 million Americans out of poverty. So 600,000 Ohioans, first of August, just lose $600 a week. What are they going to do? They are not protected from eviction particularly well. Their schools aren’t opened safely because McConnell can’t find his way. He doesn’t see the urgency in putting money into public education. Only the wealthy — in Ohio, it’s mostly the wealthy suburban schools that can open for person-to-person business. Most children are in school districts where it’s remote learning and you can’t learn remotely as well as you can in person. We all know that. Local governments are ignored, small businesses. And he doesn’t pay taxes and he doesn’t seem to think that we should help those workers. The most grading thing of all is standing on the Senate floor and to hear millionaire senators saying that’s $600 a week, that’s just too much. Shouldn’t be giving people that money. I mean, it’s incredible.

Trump is trying to con workers again

Donald Trump eked out an Electoral College victory in 2016 in part because he was able to fool just enough workers in the midwest into thinking he cared about them.

Four years later, Trump has a record to run on – and it isn’t good.

Millions of Americans are out of work because of his bungled response to the pandemic. With no plan put forward by Trump to address the dueling health and economic crises, more lives will be lost and more workers will struggle to find their footing.

It’s no wonder Ohio went from a comfortable Trump win in 2016 to a battleground state in 2020.

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