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Trump Runs Away From Reporters When Asked About His Tax Returns

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Donald Trump turned and walked away from reporters as they shouted questions to him about his tax returns in the Rose Garden.

Here is the entire briefing:

Trump claimed that the United States is turning the corner on the coronavirus as cases are rising in half of the country, but when reporters started asking questions about his tax returns, Trump ignored them and left.


Clip of Trump fleeing:

If The New York Times story is fabricated as Trump claims, he could clear everything up in a hurry, by releasing his tax returns. Trump wants the American people to believe that the story is not real, but he is not willing to offer any evidence that he paid income tax of more than $750.

Trump’s kids are whining that the media is looking at their dad’s potential tax fraud while not attacking Joe Biden, and Trump himself is now avoiding questions on the subject. The failure of the president to answer questions lines up with the reported White House strategy of ignoring the tax returns and hoping that they go away.


Trump won’t be able to hide on Tuesday night when he is standing across from Joe Biden.

Donald Trump loves attention, so it is always a sign that a story is bad when he ignores questions and walks away.

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