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Pelosi Just Suggested Trump Tax Returns Could Invalidate His Supreme Court Justices

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi suggested that Trump’s tax returns call into question his Supreme Court picks due to conflicts of interest.

Pelosi said on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports:

No sense of decency. A president who wants parades of the military paying homage to him in front of the White House like he’s some kind of a dictator, yet is he paying for any of that? The protection of our country? $750? Yeah. It’s a disdain for America’s working families. It’s a — it’s not right, but our responsibility is to protect and defend and we have to make sure we know what exposure the President Of The United States has to, and what an impact it has on national security decisions for our country.


You’re right. The issue of morality is a larger one. As you began, you said, let me be frank and went through some of the other immoralities that the president has been involved it. It really raises the question. He almost has a conflict in interest how he’s appointed jumps who are all waiting for his cases to rise to the level of district appeals, the supreme court of the United States.



Speaker Pelosi is right. Trump’s enormous personal debt and his failure to separate his presidency from his finances leave the question open as to whether Trump got assurances from certain nominees for personal benefits in exchange for nominations.

Trump’s judicial nominees, including Supreme Court justices, could be tainted, which is why Democrats would need to enact judicial reform to expand the federal lower courts and the Supreme Court.

It is a question worth exploring that could be the path to Democrats adding more justices to the Supreme Court.

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