The White House Is Hoping That Trump’s Tax Returns Go Away

The White House’s strategy for dealing with Trump’s tax returns is to hope that voters don’t notice and they go away.

PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor described the White House’s reaction on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “There’s anger and also this sort of let’s all push this aside and avoid it. If you listen to what president trump said yesterday during his briefing, he really lashed out at “The New York Times” and the idea this is fake news. This is all made up, false. But when he was posed a specific question, how much taxes do you actually pay and is it more than a couple hundred dollars, $750 over two years, $750 twice, is it more than that? He stumbled and mumbled and didn’t answer the question.”


Avoid it and hope it goes away is not a sound political strategy for dealing with the revelations that Trump and his kids have potentially engaged in felony tax fraud.
The questions about the amount that Donald Trump pays in taxes have not gone away for the past five years, so they aren’t going to magically vanish a little more than a month before Election Day.

It is amazing how unsuccessful Trump has been at changing the subject without the assistance of hacked Russian emails and Wikileaks. Trump is no longer in control of the narrative. The sunlight of the presidency is acting as a disinfectant and exposing a potential lifetime of criminal misdeeds.

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