Biden Camp Says Trump Asked Chris Wallace Not To Mention COVID Deaths At Debate

The Biden campaign said that the Trump campaign asked moderator Chris Wallace not to mention the number of COVID deaths at the debate.

Edward-Issac Dovere of The Atlantic tweeted:

The Trump campaign denies that this happened:

No one should take any denial from the Trump campaign at face value. Donald Trump would love to have a debate where the number of deaths from the coronavirus pandemic is not mentioned. It is also difficult to take their denial seriously because Trump has been whining about the debates and threatening not to show up for more than a year.

If this debate is reflective of the current state of the country, the coronavirus should be a major topic. With nearly 210,000 American deaths, it should be the dominant topic. Trump will likely try to talk about anything and everything else besides the pandemic.

Chris Wallace should mention the number of deaths, and if he doesn’t, Joe Biden definitely will.

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