Biden Dominates As Out Of Control Trump Crashes And Burns At Debate

Joe Biden spoke to America. Donald Trump bounced off the walls and treated the debate like a campaign rally in a debate dominated by Biden.

Trump did his interrupting shtick, and Biden called him a liar and a clown:

The debate was marred by Chris Wallace having no control over Trump, who constantly interrupted and repeated lies about the coronavirus, Biden’s record, and the economy to name just a few topics. Trump had nothing to say, and anyone who has watched either a Trump press conference or a Trump rally heard all of the moldy oldie greatest hits from the President.

Biden finally had enough and called Trump a racist:

Biden called Trump a liar and a clown on numerous occasions. The former vice president didn’t get baited into Trump’s personal attacks. Trump tried to run against a fantasy Joe Biden who is a socialist and a radical leftist.

Trump talked to his supporters and Fox News, while Joe Biden talked to the country. Former vice president Biden spoke like a president. Donald Trump was a flailing maniac who is losing an election and desperately tried to find an attack that would stick to the former VP.

The debate was a mess because Chris Wallace had no control over Trump. Wallace needed to cut Trump’s mic. Trump needed a home run because he is losing this election. Instead, Trump talked to his base and doesn’t seem to have any idea that the rest of the country exists outside of Fox News viewers.

Biden looked like a president. Trump looked like a desperate man who is $421 million in debt and potentially facing a criminal indictment.

Trump ended the debate with a total implosion on mail-in voting:

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Biden dominates as Trump flops in presidential debate
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