Biden Pummels Trump With Straight Talk: ‘You’re The Worst President That America Has Ever Had’

Joe Biden channeled America’s anger on Tuesday night during the first presidential debate and pummeled Donald Trump with some of the straight talk that he’s known for.

“You’re the worst president that America has ever had,” Biden said during a discussion about Trump dodging taxes, which was revealed in a blockbuster report from The New York Times.


Biden also hit Trump for constantly interrupting him.

“It’s hard to get any word in with this clown,” the Democratic nominee said. “Excuse me, this person.”

Biden channeled America’s anger and sent Trump reeling

For four years, the American people have had to watch Donald Trump as he tramples over the rule of law and enriches himself at the expense of the American people.

Along the way, there have been very few moments when he got the pushback he deserved.

On Tuesday night, that changed when Joe Biden finally called him out for what he is: the worst president has ever had.

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