Hours Before The Debate DNI Releases Russian Claim That Hillary Clinton Framed Trump

Trump’s Director of National Intelligence released a bogus claim from Russia that Hillary Clinton tried to frame Trump.

Here is the declassification that was requested by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC):

The intelligence community states in the memo that they have not been able to verify the accuracy of this allegation, but Trump’s DNI Ratcliffe released it anyway because Trump is trying to come up with some bombshell that will change the course of the presidential debate.

The allegation which was released by the Trump administration came from Russia:

Trump is trying to run the same 2016 playbook, but without Russian hacked emails and the Democratic election strategy, he is trying to create his own surprise moments to create chaos and throw the debate off course.

The problem is that releasing an allegation from Russian intelligence only confirms Putin’s presence in the Trump administration.

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It doesn’t clear Trump or Russia but tells the American people to get the Kremlin out of the White House.