Eric Trump Claims NYT Story Shows IRS is Unfairly Attacking His Father

Speaking to the hosts of “Fox and Friends,” Eric Trump claimed that a bombshell New York Times story about years of tax avoidance by his father, President Donald Trump, is an example of an attack by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

“My father pays a fortune in taxes, so let’s get that straight,” he said before suggesting that New York Times reporter Suzanne Craig and her team couldn’t have written a “35-page long” article on Friday afternoon. “They’ve been writing that article for three months; they wanted to drop it the morning before the debate. These are disgusting people.”

“Second of all,” he continued, “why is no one talking about the IRS? Someone at the IRS leaked the documents. I really believe that this is the IRS scandal of this generation.” Trump claimed that “the IRS is targeting my father because he’s doing a great job and they don’t like him.”

You can watch Eric Trump’s interview below.

The Times story revealed that the president, who has long established an image of himself as a billionaire and successful businessman, owes hundreds of millions in debts and used multiple tax schemes to pay only $750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017 according to his tax returns, which he had long declined to make public.