‘I Just Finished Debating Joe Biden’: Trump Campaign Sends Out Post-Debate Email Hours Too Early

In big ways and small, Donald Trump’s campaign for president is an utterly incompetent operation, much like his administration. They proved that again on Tuesday night by hitting send on a post-debate email hours before the president took the stage with Joe Biden.

As Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg News reported on Twitter, “Hours before the debate, a Trump camp email goes out: ‘I just finished debating Joe Biden.'”

Trump wishes the debate was already over

While technical glitches do happen, this one is particularly amusing given how the Trump campaign has been behaving throughout the day.

In the hours leading up to the first presidential debate, the Trump campaign was spreading conspiracy theories about Joe Biden, from accusing him of wanting bathroom breaks during the debate to claiming Biden is refusing to undergo an earpiece inspection before taking the stage.

Rudy Giuliani, who has been helping Trump prepare for Tuesday’s debate, amplified these lies on Twitter.

“Biden is begging for long breaks during just a 90-minute debate!” Giuliani said. “So far the Election Commission has stood firm and said they are NOT going to change the practice of 90 minutes WITHOUT a break.”

Ultimately, it’s pretty clear Donald Trump isn’t looking forward to tonight’s presidential debate in Cleveland – so much so that his campaign is acting like it’s already over.

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