“Same Old, Same Old,” Pence Waves Away Story About Trump’s Taxes

When he first signed up to be Donald Trump’s Vice President, Mike Pence had somewhat of a spine. When the Access Hollywood tape came out, the former Indiana Governor reportedly gave serious thought to leaving the campaign. He infuriated his wife by choosing not to.

At this point, Pence is all in with the Trump campaign. This loyalty to the President was obvious on Tuesday when the Vice President referred to the damning New York Times story about Trump’s taxes as, “same old, same old.”

Pence made the comment while speaking with Fox News Bret Baier. He told the host, “It feels like the same old, same old, doesn’t it, Bret? These same issues and allegations came up in 2016. The American people know President Donald Trump was a job creator. He’s a builder. He saved tens of millions of dollars in state and local taxes, payroll taxes. He created thousands of jobs as he built his business over many, many years.”

Baier did push back, noting that Trump has told two different stories about his tax return. He asked the VP, “So which is it — a totally fake news story or illegally obtained documents that were real?”

Pence responded by saying that the allegations were “the same kind of allegations,” made four years ago. The vice president continued, “I’m very confident they took advantage of all the legal deductions and exemptions that were available in the tax code.”