Trump Is Already Making Excuses In Case He Flops On The Debate Stage

With Donald Trump set to debate Joe Biden in Cleveland on Tuesday night, the desperate president spent his day spreading lies and disinformation in a clear attempt to lower expectations for his performance.

The most pathetic whoppers from Team Trump were about Biden, who they accused of pushing for bathroom breaks every 30 minutes and refusing to undergo an earpiece inspection before the debate.

The Biden team quickly shot down Trump’s lies.

As the New York Daily News reported on Tuesday, “Joe Biden’s campaign Tuesday denied claims by President Trump’s camp that the Democrat refused to submit to checks for an earpiece and pushed for bathroom breaks every 30 minutes.”

The Biden campaign didn’t just deny Trump’s bogus claims, however. They also gave the president’s team a taste of their own medicine.

“If we’re playing that game, then you know, the Trump team asked Chris Wallace not to mention the number of deaths from COVID once during the debate,” deputy Biden campaign manager Kate Bedingfield said. “You can consider that confirmed from the Biden campaign.”

“See how easy that was to try to throw up a distraction?” she added.

Trump is making excuses in case he flops

It’s pretty obvious what the president’s strategy is ahead of tonight’s face-off with Joe Biden. Instead of expressing confidence about his pending debate performance, Trump is making excuses in the event that he flops on the stage in Cleveland.

He’s been deploying the same strategy when it comes to the upcoming election: cry about nonexistent voter fraud so he can accuse Biden of stealing it.

Just today, Trump took to Twitter to whine that so-called poll watchers and “security” won’t be allowed into polling places in Philadelphia.

“There is only one reason why,” the president cried. “Corruption!!!”

At Tuesday night’s debate in Cleveland, Donald Trump won’t be in his secure MAGA bubble on Fox News or among a crowd of red hat-wearing rubes at a superspreader rally. He’ll be standing on a stage with Joe Biden, who will be there to push back on his shameless lies.

Judging by the president’s pre-debate behavior, it’s pretty obvious he isn’t looking forward to it.

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