Biden Campaign Rolls Out Slew of Digital Ads After Last Night’s Debate


Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has rolled out a slew of digital ads to shape the national conversation after last night’s presidential debate.

The Biden campaign bought valuable ad space on YouTube as well as on the homepages of AOL, Yahoo!, CNN, Fox News, Pandora, Univision, Reddit, The Daily Mail, CBS Sports, among others.

The expensive ad buy is part of Biden’s larger effort to make a comeback in the digital space after largely ignoring it in the primary,” reported POLITICO. “Trump dominated spending on Google, Facebook, and YouTube for most of 2019 and early 2020, but the Biden campaign has been regularly outspending Trump in recent weeks to try to make up for Trump’s early investments and thanks to a surge of donations.”


“Millions of Americans saw real leadership from Joe Biden on the debate stage and they will see it again all day as we take over the internet,” Biden spokesperson Matt Hill told the outlet.

Biden’s YouTube ad criticizes President Donald Trump for his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Over 200,000 dead, 14 million jobs lost, and Donald Trump spent an entire debate blaming others,” a narrator says. “America needs a fresh start. Joe Biden will fight the virus and rebuild our economy back.”

You can watch the YouTube ad below.