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Biden Calls Trump’s Debate Performance A National Embarrassment

While speaking to reporters in Ohio, Joe Biden called Donald Trump’s debate performance a national embarrassment.

Biden was asked, “What do you say to undecided, persuadable voters who were watching last night and were just completely turned off by politics?”

The former vice president answered, “I can understand it. It was — I kind of thought at one point, maybe I shouldn’t say this, but the President Of The United States conducted himself the way he did, I think it was just a national embarrassment. But look, I just hope that the American people, those undecided voters, try to determine what each of us has as an answer for their concerns and allows us to actually speak.”


It is one thing to have a bad debate. Bad performances happen to candidates. Donald Trump’s behavior was different and more sinister. Trump intentionally tried to destroy the entire debate process.

Before he attempts to invalidate the election, Donald Trump tried to invalidate the presidential debate by ignoring the rules, attacking the moderator, and his opponent.

Trump is trying to sell the entire process as rigged against him, but the American people saw through what he was doing, and the backlash against his debate performance has been severe.

Donald Trump didn’t just lose a debate. He embarrassed the entire country.

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