Undecided Voters Call Trump A Crackhead After Watching Debate

A GOP pollster’s focus group of undecided voters evaluated Trump’s debate performance by calling him unhinged and a crackhead.

The Washington Post reported on GOP pollster Frank Luntz’s undecided voter focus group:

‘Crackhead,’ ‘arrogant,’ ‘un-American,’ ‘forceful,’ ‘puzzling,’ ‘eh,’ and ‘unhinged’ were some of the words used to describe Trump’s performance by a group of undecided voters in GOP pollster Frank Luntz’s post-debate focus group Zoom session.


‘Professional,’ ‘showed restraint and compassion,’ ‘predictable,’ ‘politician,’ and ‘presidential’ were the descriptors used to describe Biden by the same participants in Luntz’s group, which comprised of over a dozen undecided voters from Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, and North Carolina.

Anytime the word crackhead is used to describe a candidate’s debate performance, the night did not go well.

Trump needed a big win. He also needed Biden to stumble, and neither of those things happened. Trump went to the debate and self-destructed. Biden can improve his debate performance, which was good under the circumstances, and he will get even better in the next two debates.

Donald Trump’s problem is his personality, and given that he listens to no one, voters should expect more of the same from the President in the second and third debates. Trump did sound unhinged, and the term crackhead does apply.

It might be impossible for Trump to undo the image of a strung-out candidate who set himself on fire that was burned into voters’ minds at the first debate.

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