New Poll Has Sen. Joni Ernst Down 12 Points In Iowa As Trump Drags GOP Off A Cliff


With roughly a month to go until Election Day, Republican Sen. Joni Ernst is trailing her Democratic opponent Theresa Greenfield by a whopping 12 points in a new poll of the Iowa Senate race.

According to RABA Research, Greenfield has the support of 51 percent of Iowans, while Ernst clocks in at just 39 percent.


As Josh Barro pointed out on Twitter, the results seem to indicate that the Republican effort to ram through an anti-choice Supreme Court nominee before the election is negatively affecting GOP Senate candidates.

The move is particularly toxic for Republicans in Iowa given the fact that they need “pro-choice non-college whites” in their corner if they want to be successful in November.

Iowa is now firmly in the toss-up column

When this campaign began, Iowa wasn’t even on the radar as a potential battleground state. After all, Donald Trump carried the state by nearly 10 percentage points against Hillary Clinton four years ago.

But with one month to go before ballots are finally counted, both the presidential and U.S. Senate races are firmly in the toss-up column. A slew of new polling shows Biden tied or even narrowly ahead of Trump in the state. The same goes for Theresa Greenfield in her bid to unseat Joni Ernst.

There is no question that these races are still close and could go either way, but the fact that Republicans have to worry about Iowa at all shows just how much damage Donald Trump has done to the party over the past four years – and how ready the American people are to turn the page on him and his enablers.

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