Pfizer CEO Hits Back at the Politicization of Their COVID-19 Vaccine

Tuesday night’s debate was one of Donald Trump’s last chances to help his flailing campaign for the White House. By all objective measures, the debate went horribly for the president. The first post-debate poll, released by CNBC/Change Research, showed Trump down by 13% nationally.

Now Trump’s hopes now may be down to having a COVID-19 vaccine ready before election day hits. And the president keeps pushing drugs companes to come up with a vaccine sooner rather than later The CEO of one of the main  companies working on the vaccine, Pfizer, recently lamented the politicization of the process.

Albert Bourla wrote in a letter to his employees that he was, “disappointed that the prevention for a deadly disease was discussed in political terms rather than scientific facts.”

The CEO continued, “In this hyper-partisan year, there are some who would like us to move more quickly and others who argue for delay. Neither of those options are acceptable to me.”

Bourla concluded, “The amplified political rhetoric around vaccine development, timing and political credit is undercutting public confidence. I can’t predict exactly when, or even if our vaccine will be approved by the FDA for distribution to the public.”

Trump referenced Pfizer by name during Tueday night’s debate. He of the vaccine, “It’s a very political thing because people like this would rather make it political than save lives.”

Biden noted that he was eager for a vaccine as well, but would trust science and did not want to see a treatment rushed out without proper approvals.