Judge Rules Trump’s Law And Order Policing Panel Broke The Law


Trump creating a blue ribbon policing panel to push his law and order message, but a judge ruled that the panel broke the law.

Politico reported, “A blue-ribbon law enforcement panel created at the direction of President Donald Trump broke a federal open meeting law and must halt its work until it comes into compliance with the statute, a federal judge ruled Thursday.”

The judge ruled that Trump’s panel broke the law by placing only law enforcement personnel on the commission and holding meetings without providing public notice.


Only Trump could run on law and order and create a panel on policing that broke the law.

Everything is going wrong for Trump. His campaign themes are turning off voters. He is trailing in every poll, and his tax returns reveal that he may have been spending his recent adult life committing tax crimes.

Even when Trump attempts to use the levers of the presidency to sell his campaign themes, it backfires on him and provides more evidence that no matter how much the President tries to sell an image, his corruption and criminality always shine through.

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