Amy Coney Barrett Could Be Going Down As 2nd Judiciary Republican Has COVID

The Trump COVID outbreak could be taking down Trump’s Amy Coney Barrett nomination as Sen. Thom Tillis became the second Republican on the Judiciary Committee to get COVID.

Chuck Schumer tweeted:

Tillis’ positive test comes after Judiciary Committee member Mike Lee tested positive and now he is on quarantine.

The numbers are getting slim for Republicans. If one more Judiciary Committee Republican has to quarantine, they will no longer have a majority on the committee. Democrats would hold the majority, and they could walk out, denying the committee a quorum, and stoping the Barrett nomination cold.

McConnell knows that he will not have the votes to confirm Barrett in the lame-duck session. If Mark Kelly beats Martha McSally in Arizona, he could be seated early, and his vote would be enough to block the nomination.

The White House has acknowledged that they were looking at a November 1 confirmation vote for Barrett. The margin for error to get the nomination through is two days. A delay of more than a couple of days would essentially block the nomination.

Trump’s Rose Garden super spreader event didn’t just infect his party with the virus, it may also ruin the Republican plan to rush a replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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