The Biden Campaign Is Angry That Trump Exposed Them To COVID

The Biden campaign is angry that Trump exposed them to COVID and didn’t even notify Joe Biden after he tested positive.

Mike Memoli reported on MSNBC:

This is a campaign that has always put the coronavirus, the president’s handling of it front and center as a campaign issue. But the Biden campaign has also taken extraordinary steps to keep him safe, to keep the public safe when he does travel, and to keep all those who are going to be around him safe as well. This is about not just a political issue, but as they put it, setting a good positive example of the kind of behavior you should see on the campaign trail in public by somebody who would be the President Of The United States.

I’m also told by multiple campaign officials there’s been no official contact from the White House, from the Trump campaign to them about whether there would be any potential exposure to the coronavirus.

And I have to tell you, multiple Biden officials are also concerned and, frankly, a little angry at the fact that some of them could have been exposed to the coronavirus. There are immunocompromised members of the Biden staff in that hall and concern about the candidate himself, and this is going to be a major concern on their part as we move forward.


People on the Biden campaign have every right to be upset. Donald Trump and his coronavirus spreading family and crew violated the rules by refusing to wear masks at the debate. The President and his traveling COVID spreading circus put everyone at risk with their selfish behavior.

Trump’s COVID diagnosis should drive home the most important contrast between the two candidates. Joe Biden cares about the health and welfare of everyone around him. Donald Trump and his enablers only think of themselves.

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