Eric Swalwell Says Trump Getting COVID Shows His Pandemic Failure

Rep. Eric Swalwell pointed out that Trump getting COVID seven months into the pandemic shows the President’s coronavirus failure.

Swalwell said on MSNBC:

It’s an avoidable national security crisis that we are in right now. I hope the president and the first lady are okay. I hope the vice president did not contract this. And I certainly hope that Joe Biden, who stood on a stage for 90 minutes near the president, is negative when he’s tested. We have a line of succession, even a temporary line of succession.

And hopefully, it does not come to this, but when I look at this, Ali, and take a step back because just this evening, we voted on the House floor for further HEROES Act covid relief. It can only mean that we have utterly failed the test that so many others in the world have passed. And even Boris Johnson, Bolsonaro in Brazil, they did contract it, but that was months ago. \

The fact that the president of the United States, who is tested every day, people around him are tested every day, has the best doctors in the world, has contracted this, demonstrates that we don’t have our act together yet, and if the president can get it, anyone can get it, and that’s what’s so disturbing.


Rep. Swalwell is right. The fact that Trump couldn’t keep himself from getting sick even though he has the massive resources of the presidency at his disposal highlights his complete failure on the pandemic.

If Donald Trump can’t even protect himself, there is no way that he can protect the American people.

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