Fox’s Chris Wallace: Let’s Be Blunt, Trump is Being Hospitalized for COVID

This has been a wild week for many Americans. But few people have had a more tumultuous week than Fox’s Chris Wallace. On Tuesday night, Wallace had trouble reining in Donald Trump during his debate with Joe Biden.

On Friday night, Wallace was reporting on Trump being helicopotered to Walter Reed Medical Center in order to be treated for the Coronavirus.

And the White House has tried to spin the president spending a few days in the hospital as precautionary. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany went as far as to say that Trump would be setting up an office in the hospital and performing his duties from there.

According to Wallace, though, the situation is more serious than it seems. He told viewers:

“[This is] not a good development. Usually if you’re going to get serious symptoms from this virus, it’s about four to seven days after you get the infection,” he continued. “The fact that so quickly after he tests positive the president is going to go up there and not not for tests, as was suggested, but to spend several days up there… I mean, let’s put it bluntly. The president is being hospitalized for the coronavirus. We all hope and we all pray that this is a quick and dramatic recovery, but this is not good news.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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