Trump May Have Infected Mike Pence With COVID

Vice President Mike Pence told the media that he was in the Oval Office with Trump who has tested positive for coronavirus.

CNN’s Don Lemon said, “Because according to the current information I have, vice president Mike pence was not in close contact with hope hicks. That’s when we knew Hope Hicks tested positive before we knew about the president and the first lady. But pence is on camera saying that he was in the oval office with the president on Tuesday. So, my question is the vice president is possibly exposed, at this point. And I’m sure people are wondering if pence is going to be ready to do a debate with Kamala Harris on Wednesday if the current vice president has possibly been exposed to COVID. If he met with the president on Tuesday.”


Since Pence has to be quarantined for 14 days, that means next week’s vice presidential debate is probably not going to happen. The 14-day quarantine for Trump means that the second presidential debate is also in doubt. There might not be another debate in this election cycle.

Trump has downplayed the virus and ignored the safety guidelines, so there is no telling how far the virus has spread through the White House.

If Trump and Pence were both to be unable to fulfill their constitutional duties, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would become president.