Trump Possibly Exposed GOP Senators To COVID Which Could Doom His SCOTUS Nominee

Donald Trump and Hope Hicks have had contact with numerous Republican Senators, and a Senate COVID outbreak could doom Trump’s SCOTUS nominee.

Matt Fuller tweeted:

If one thinks of Hope Hicks as patient zero in a potential White House outbreak, she exposed Trump and likely other White House staffers. So far, the only current known negative test in the White House is Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, but it is possible, some might say, even probable that a White House outbreak of COVID would quickly find its way into the Republican Senate majority.

A COVID outbreak would require the Senate to shut down for a minimum of two weeks. If any Senators in the majority test positive for the virus, it could be enough to doom the Republican plan to confirm Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, before the election.

Trump’s COVID outbreak changes everything, potentially including the GOP scheme to ram through a Supreme Court nominee before Election Day.

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