“Worst Nightmare” for Trump Campaign After Trump Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Andrew Feldman, a Democratic strategist in Washington, says the Trump campaign “as we knew it is over” after President Donald Trump tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Several news outlets have already posited that the announcement forces the Trump campaign to change its strategy and bring attention back to the pandemic itself.

“What happens to Trump’s campaigning and GOTV operation over at least the next two weeks? (Remember, so much of Trump’s campaign and infrastructure is dependent on his in-person rallies.),” according to one report from NBC News. “What about Joe Biden and his team? (Biden shared the stage with Trump at last week’s debate.) Do the remaining debates go on, including next week’s vice presidential debate? (NBC’s Amanda Golden reports that Vice President Mike Pence and his wife have tested negative as of this morning.) What happens to Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination? (The New York Times says that she was at the White House earlier this week.) What about activity on Capitol Hill? (Will the Supreme Court hearings set for later this month be delayed?) And the country’s national security? We already have our October surprise in this election, and it’s just the second day of the month.”

CNN reported that Trump’s “optimistic outlook could hardly veil the pervading sense of destabilization setting in as the country struggles to emerge from a generation-defining crisis just as its politics seem to deteriorate to new lows.”

China’s state media said the President has “paid the price” for downplaying the pandemic

Earlier,  Byron York, the Washington Examiner‘s political correspondent, said “the least surprising news in the world, that the President’s critics would be taking shots at him” after the President was asked if he still believes the virus is a hoax. Trump had earlier mocked his rival, Democrat Joe Biden, for wearing masks in public.

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