G-7 Ally Warns Trump May Try To Appoint Ivanka Trump President

A G-7 ally is Trump warning could try to bypass Mike Pence and appoint his daughter Ivanka Trump acting president.

Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair reported:

Inside Trumpworld, the shock of Trump’s hospitalization is giving way to despair about his prospects in the upcoming election. “They all know it’s over,” a Republican close to the campaign said. “This is spiraling out of control,” a former West Wing official said.


Meanwhile, America’s closest allies are entertaining wild scenarios as well. An outside White House adviser told me that a high-level government official from a G-7 country asked him if Trump would try to appoint Ivanka president instead of Mike Pence. “He’s broken every norm so far, so they think anything is possible,” the source said.

The way that Trump could appoint Ivanka Trump president would be to force Mike Pence to resign as vice president and name his daughter as his new VP.

The odds of this happening are close to zero. Mike Pence may be a bland pile of mashed potatoes, but that pile of mashed potatoes is burning to be president, so the odds that Pence would resign are exactly zero, but US allies who have seen Trump up close have no doubts that Ivanks is the child that he wants to see in the White House.

Trump is desperate to hang on to power, and if he thought installing Ivanka Trump in the Oval Office would get it done, he would do it in a second.

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