Trump’s Condition Is Reportedly More Dire Than White House Admits

White House sources are saying that Trump’s condition is direr than being released to the media, as the president has asked if he is going to die.

Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair tweeted:

The reason why there are two different briefings on Trump’s condition, one for the cameras, and one off the record is that the White House is trying to hide the seriousness of the situation. This behavior is nothing new from the Trump administration, as they have refused to release his medical records, and have never provided an explanation for his suspicious unannounced visit to Walter Reed last year.

The White House is not telling the whole truth about Trump’s health. There have been tweets posted to Trump’s Twitter account on Saturday that are dubious because to don’t carry many of Trump’s mistakes, errors, and ramblings.

The situation is worse than the White House is letting on. When the president is asking if he is going to die, things are not good.

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Jason Easley

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