Biden Campaign Confirms They’ll Be At The Next Debate

Symone Sanders of the Joe Biden campaign confirmed that Biden will be at the next presidential debate and hopes that Trump can join him.

On CNN’s State Of The Union, Jake Tapper asked if Biden will be at the next debate.

Sanders answered, “We are looking forward to the debate in Miami on October 15th and it’s a town hall, and Joe Biden loves a good town hall. We hope the president is able to participate, and that is up to his doctors to clear him. But Joe Biden will be at that debate.”


Joe Biden will be able to attend the debate because he has taken the coronavirus seriously. It is still up in the air whether Trump will be medically cleared to attend the debate. However, the word that is leaking out about his symptoms makes it questionable whether Trump will attend.

The difference should be stark to voters. Joe Biden is responsible and serious. Trump has been irresponsible and reckless. Joe Biden has trusted the health experts that Donald Trump has dismissed with claims that he knows more than they do.

Joe Biden is healthy and ready to be president. Donald Trump is sick and in the hospital, with the future of his presidential campaign in doubt.

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