Anthony Scaramucci Calls On Trump To Immediately Drop Out

Anthony Scaramucci said that Trump is no longer physically or mentally capable of being president so he must immediately drop out of the race.

Scaramucci said on MSNBC:

He still may be forced to drop out due to his health. We have no idea what’s going on with the brain fog or the lung damage as a result of COVID-19. If he really loved the country, he would drop out. He’s not physically or mentally capable of being the president anymore, and he would do that. But if he’s not going to do that and if he gets some level of recovery in his mid-70s suffering from COVID-19 with all the comorbidities, I hope the people give a landslide election to Joe Biden and we can get rid of him overall as president.

I want him to get well, but I want him to go to Mar-a-Lago where he’s better suited to be a greeter at Mar-a-Lago than he is to be the President Of The United States.

We need to keep the pressure on and remind the American people that he has made the country weaker, sicker, and poorer and he ignored the advice of epidemiologists and scientists, the result of which he couldn’t protect his family or his staff. I want to say something about the white house staff, which is anonymous to most people. Many of them are sick due to the dereliction of duty of the American president.


Trump should drop out of the race, but even if he is completely incapacitated, that is not likely to happen. Donald Trump is in serious financial and legal trouble. The presidency is his lifeline. He is not going to willingly walk away.

Trump appears to be seriously ill, but the only to get rid of him is if voters toss him out in roughly a month.

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